Healthy Snacks for Hungry Kids-Make Eating Fun!

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You’re sitting down for dinner and your child is eyeing up the peas on his plate like it’s the worst thing he’s ever been asked to eat.  What do you do?  Instead of making your child sit at the dinner table until his vegetables are eaten, make healthy eating fun.  Here are a few suggestions to get your child excited about eating healthy:

-Tell your child how much you love eating vegetables, fruit etc.  Your child looks up to you and will mimic actions that you do.

-Give foods a playful name; Percy the Pea or Gary the Green Bean. Make them have silly voices and conversations.  Children will think it’s funny and connect more with their vegetable “friends.”

-Use a famous children’s character and tell your child that “Dora likes it!” “Oscar the Grouch loves eating apples!”  Children think television characters are fun and cool and want to do what they do.

-Make their plate visually fun.  Use an ice cube tray to get your child to try different foods.  Cookies cutters make sandwiches fun and mostly anything can be put on a skewer and made into a fun kabob.

Whatever it takes to get your child to eat healthy is worth it and you’ll get to have lots of fun yourself in the process.  At Play & Learn we love all the people who help teach our children and celebrate them throughout the year.  “Muffins for Mom” on Mother’s Day,  “Dogs for Dad” on Father’s Day and special luncheons for grandparents to celebrate Grandparent’s Day are just a few of the events held throughout the year.  To learn more about exciting events and activities at Play & Learn visit our EVENTS page.


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