Benefits of Music for Babies

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babies and musicIn fetal development the auditory system forms extremely early and the ear is actually the first sensory organ to develop brain connections. And from those first weeks in the womb an infant’s ability to process sound and music only grows stronger.

When a baby is born he is already able to recognize familiar tunes and songs and distinguish between the voice of his parents and any other voice. Babies show a marked preference for a song sung by their own mother or father than a song sung on tape or CD. Even preemies show a preference for soothing classical music over harsher rock beats and studies done in Neonatal Intensive Care Units with premature infants show that soothing music from the Baroque period can lower the blood pressure and stress hormones of these young infants. (more…)

Play & Learn’s Hauntless House

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Lucy Hector Cindy HalloweenJoin us for an evening of  FREE non-scary Halloween Fun!

Play & Learn invites you to our Annual Hauntless House.  Children will enjoy an evening filled with lots of fun activities and games, yummy treats, music, crafts and more!  Children are encouraged to wear their Halloween costume and enjoy some trick-or-treating.  See below to find a Hauntless House near you! (more…)

Music Makes Learning Fun for Preschoolers

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Music and preschoolers go together like spaghetti and meatballs, ham and cheese and ice cream and sprinkles.

Whether it’s in the classroom or at home, here are some great tips to get your little one enthused about learning through music. (more…)