Lil’ Sports at Play & Learn

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Lil Sports.jpg 2Nowadays children are spending more time indoors and less time outdoors. In some cases, children rather watch T.V than ride a bike. As a result, the percentage of childhood obesity has doubled over the past 30 years and because of this, national initiatives are now in place to get kids more physically active. At Play & Learn we have partnered with Lil’ Sports – a preschool program that offers organized physical play that help kids develop coordination and large motor skills. Their mission is to teach children about sports and physical fitness in a fun and supportive way. Some of the activities they incorporate in our curriculum are: (more…)

Time for Fitness

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The real time for fitnessMost parents ask the question how active should my child be? Everyone knows the benefits unfortunately not everyone has the time. Time restrictions often prevent children from staying physically active.  But there are ways to incorporate light exercises in your child’s daily regimen – take the stairs instead of the elevator, choose parking spaces at the end of the lot, and stretch while getting dress and undress (bend down to tie their shoe strings). The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) suggest the following timeframe of daily activity for children ages infant through school age. (more…)

Kid’s Kitchen

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Kids CookingChildren love culinary arts. Lessons on food groups, measurements and nutrition allow your children to explore and become familiar with the kitchen.  At Camp Kaleidoscope we have Kid’s Kitchen week where your children learn:

Healthy vs. Non Healthy Foods
Creating Healthy Food Menus
Setting a Table
Healthy Recipes & Ingredients
Taste Testing

At Play & Learn, we incorporate life skills in our curriculum to help foster your child’s independence. Whether it’s Kid’s Kitchen or Community Helpers Week, your child benefit from hands-on learning that takes place outside of the classroom.  For more information on any of our programs, visit our website at