Veterans Day

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honoring the brave

Today is Veterans Day and as we take this time to reflect on the brave, we can also use this time to educate young children about patriotism. Visiting a historic museum or going to a parade, are not only educational outings but also teach children the true meaning of a heroism. Here are some places you can go with your family to commemorate the Veterans this holiday.

National Constitution Center

Independence Seaport Museum

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Independence Mall

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Texture Walk

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Nature walk with kidsTake a texture walk with your child or children. Use the outdoors to take advantage of an excellent learning opportunity for your little ones. Take a walk and look for things that are soft like sand, dirt, etc. Look for pine cones or rocks that are hard and rough or smooth. Look at tree leaves or flowers that are smooth, flat or detailed. The conversation can lead into different discussions about textures and nature. Loads of fun and the kids love looking and discovering. You will be amazed at how much excitement this activity produces. (more…)

Sensory Experiences Are Important For Learning

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October Newsletter (18)Soft, hard, smooth, rough…that’s what sensory experiences are made of. Engaging our senses helps with learning and retaining information.  Some of our favorite experiences and memories involve our senses.  When thinking of summer at the beach, you can feel the sand, smell the sunscreen and taste the funnel cake.  Sensory activities allow children to develop another way of learning, exploring and having fun. (more…)