Winter Wonderland Classroom Decorations

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polar express


Our teachers have been hard at work transforming each Play & Learn Center into a Winter Wonderland for your children. They have been crafting & constructing like elves, and we want to acknowledge their efforts by showcasing each center’s decorations on Facebook and Pinterest. So be sure to follow and like us as we sledge through the holiday hallways of Play & Learn.



Ways to Keep Kids Busy Without TV: Getting Creative

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Busy Without TV

There are lots of times when the weather isn’t great or you have to make dinner and send the kids off to watch some TV.  This is an easy way to entertain kids but there are plenty of other ways to keep kids entertained that don’t involve TV.
Let’s Brainstorm:

-Give your child/ren some play-doh and the task to create all different kinds of snowmen or dinosaurs.

-Bring out the box of legos and have your child/ren build a magical castle or a space ship.

-Use empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls and shoe boxes to create a robot.  Have your child/ren color the robot with markers and use tissue paper, buttons etc. to give the robot a personality.

According to MaryAnn F. Kohl, author of “The Importance of Art in a Child’s Development,” art gives children the opportunity to develop communication skills, problem-solving skills, social and emotional skills and fine motor skills.  At Play & Learn we encourage creativity through daily art activities.  Children are provided with an assortment of supplies and they determine what creative masterpiece they are going to make.  The outcomes all tell a different story and it’s exciting to hear each and every one.

Art is just one of the many activities done daily at Play & Learn to nurture children’s learning.  Click here to read more about our learning environment.



Veterans Day

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honoring the brave

Today is Veterans Day and as we take this time to reflect on the brave, we can also use this time to educate young children about patriotism. Visiting a historic museum or going to a parade, are not only educational outings but also teach children the true meaning of a heroism. Here are some places you can go with your family to commemorate the Veterans this holiday.

National Constitution Center

Independence Seaport Museum

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Independence Mall

At Play & Learn we love honoring military families through family discounts and special events. Our vast programs appeal to diverse households and we do our best to cater to their needs. So whether your family is transitioning from a different school or different town, you can rest assure your child will flourish at Play & Learn. Click here to read Family Testimonials and be sure to visit us today.
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