Fall Crafts – Let’s Get Crafty!

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Apple Stamp ArtNow that you’ve visited the apple orchard, have made every kind of apple recipe you can think of and are completely appled out…what do you do with those left over apples?

Here’s some great craft ideas using apples that the kids will love!

Shrink Them

Who wouldn’t love to have these creepy characters hanging around? To bring them to life, peel the apples, then use a small knife (with parental supervision) to carve faces. Bake the carved apples at your oven’s lowest temperature for three hours, then let them sit in a warm, dry place for at least a few days. Once they’re dry and shrunken, press black-bean eyes and rice-grain teeth into place and decorate, decorate, decorate.

Apple Prints

Brushing paint on a cut apple is tons of fun. Cut a round apple in half, then poke out its seeds with a toothpick and set them aside. Blot the cut surface with a paper towel until it’s dry. Brush paint all over the cut surface. If the stem is attached, brush brown paint on it. Stamp the apple on a folded piece of card stock. To print the seeds, spear one with a pin (with parental supervision), then dip it in brown paint and stamp it where desired.

Who knew apples could be so much fun!

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Fun Fall Recipes – Pumpkin Pie-Scicles

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Pumpkin PopsIt’s that time of year to head to the farm and grab yourself a few pumpkins. A few to decorate the house, one or two to carve and don’t forget an extra to make some delicious fall baked goods (or you can use canned pumpkin, we won’t tell!)

Nothing says fall better than the smell of cinnamon, warm apple cider and pumpkin pie. So round up the kiddos and head to the kitchen to make some delicious treats you can share with the whole family.


What you’ll need

2 1/2 lbs. butternut squash

1/2 cup pure maple syrup

2/3 cup light cream

1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

How to make it

  1. To make a batch, cut a butternut squash into quarters and scoop out the seeds.
  2. Boil, bake, or microwave the squash until it’s soft. Let the squash cool a bit before scooping its flesh into a medium-size bowl.
  3. Add pure maple syrup, light cream, and pumpkin pie spice to the bowl. Use a potato masher to mush the squash and blend all of the ingredients.
  4. Spoon the mixture into ice pop molds (we were able to fill 10), add sticks, and freeze for at least 6 hours before serving.

Recipes Provided by Spoonful. Photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine.