Tips for Maintaining Your Smoke Alarm

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Fire Safety

October is Fire Safety month, national initiatives to promote Fire Prevention begins October 4th – 10th. During this time fire companies teach lessons on emergency escape plans, the importance of owning a fire extinguisher and how to check or replace your smoke alarm.

The smoke alarm is designed to provide an early warning in the event of a fire and allow you sufficient time to reach safety. Many people don’t have smoke detectors in their home or do not properly maintain the smoke detectors that they do have. (more…)

Rite Aid Flu Immunization Clinic

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flu_vaccine_copyIn an effort to promote healthy standards at Play & Learn, each center will be scheduling Flu Shot vaccinations through Rite Aid’s Flu Immunization Clinic. Annual flu immunizations are the best defense against getting or spreading germs.

We pay special attention to germ control during cold and flu season. Our teachers are extra-vigilant during this time and pay close attention to each child to assess their health. We keep track of illnesses and sickness through a symptom log report, which is reviewed on a monthly basis. We also help parents by providing resources and tips for keeping your kids healthy in our e-newsletter. If your child falls ill during the school day, we will notify you to make you aware of the situation so that you and the Center can decide on the best course of action.

For more information, please see your Center Director and find out how you can schedule an immunization today.


Imagine from The Old Wolf

Back to School Transitions

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transitionNow that school has started, that means kids have to get back on a regular schedule. However, it’s natural to want to stay in summer mode, carefree days makes it difficult to transition back into fall routines. But there is hope, here are some tips that will help your family adjust from a sleepy summer to a zestful fall. (more…)