Play & Learn Explorers

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Camping the great outdoorsWe all love the great outdoors. Being one with nature evokes a peaceful demeanor that is comforting to everyone; especially kids. If you need some ideas to get your child to become a great explorer, read the following list of activities.

Give Me Five- A category game that is played while you walk. Asking children to collect items specific to that category. For example, “Give me five different flowers”. (more…)

Kid’s Kitchen at Camp Kaleidoscope

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imageWhat better way for kids to learn than with food? Not only will they enjoy tasting their lesson but they’ll also have the opportunity to learn about food groups, measurements, and nutrition. Hands-on activities that allow children to participate in the kitchen stimulates cogitative development. (more…)

Organized Sports

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SoccerWith the recent victory of the U.S. Women’s soccer team at the World Cup, children across American are beginning to get involved in organized sports.  At Play & Learn we have partnered with Lil’ Sports – a  preschool and school aged program that offers organized physical activities that help develop coordination and large motor skills. Their mission is to teach children about sports and physical fitness in a fun and positive atmosphere that will allow them to build their skills and their love for sports and physical activity. Some of the activities we incorporate in our curriculum are:

• Sports / Fitness – jogging, stretching and sports and gym class activities specifically targeted to children ages 2 – 6. This fun, energetic program is set to music and teaches children the basics of multiple sports and activities while building teamwork, listening skills and gross motor skills.

•Dance – Is designed to produce muscle strength and increase flexibility. Students enjoy learning new dance styles and movements through fun and familiar games and activities.

• Yoga – Produce muscle strength, increase flexibility, promote coordination and increase body awareness. Students enjoy learning yoga using and animal postures and movements through fun and familiar games and activities.

In addition to Lil’ Sports, our students also learn the importance of making healthy food choices. We are committed to providing our students with healthy and age appropriate nutrition and remain a peanut and tree nut free environment. For more information on our nutritional standards, click here for more information.