Children and Technology

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computerIn this day in age children are constantly exploring ways to use, communicate and learn through technology. Children’s ever increasing fascination mimics the behavioral pattern observed in parents or older siblings who talk & text on their cell phone, work on their laptops or enjoy music on their mobile device. Most of the time parents are incline to handover their gadget to appease their child’s request, and by doing so, children will become familiar with and have the ability to operate the various forms & functions of technology.  Here are some rewarding examples: (more…)

Recycling 101: Turning Old into New

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Recycling 101 Friday Jan. 16 2015


Recycling has come a long way from just simply separating paper, plastic and aluminum.  Today almost all materials can be recycled; from old cell phones and computers to tires and used car batteries.  Whether it’s making a swing from an old tire or using prescription bottles to store buttons, you can usually find a new use from something old. (more…)

Recycling 101: How to Reduce Waste

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recyclinggirlAccording to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, in 2012, Americans produced about 251 million tons of trash; that’s roughly 4.38 pounds per person each day. The way in which we handle waste, affects our environment. It’s important that we work together to reduce the amount of waste that is being produced so it does not cause future damage.  Here’s how we start:

Remember, waste is anything we throw away or get rid of, that doesn’t get used.

Buy less and use less. Buy only what you need and use all of what you buy. If you are finished with something and haven’t used it all, pass it along to somebody else to use. (more…)